Group Sales

Tour Bus Program

Working together with our tour operators and bus guests is an opportunity that we look forward to. To qualify as a bus group, the guest count must be a minimum of eight players. Qualifying as a bus group allows your bus guests to receive the bus bonus and tour operators receive a back end incentive.

Tour operators have two options for visits, a day trip or an overnight trip. Day trips consist of a minimum four hour stay. Bus guests will receive a bus bonus offer based on the points earned from their previous trip, whether it was a bus trip or walk-in. New Carter Club members will also receive a bus bonus offer. Overnight trips consist of a minimum four hour stay each day. Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel also offers discounted hotel room rates for tour operators that book overnight trips.

Tour operators are required to carry and provide insurance information and submit a guest list or manifest 48 hours prior to arrival. All bus guests are required to become a member of the Carter Club. The guest bus count must match the count provided on the manifest and all guests must arrive and depart via the bus. Tour bus operators must be registered and approved prior to submitting requests for tour visits. Tour visits may be booked up to one year in advance.

To book a trip to Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel, please call (800) 487-9522 extension 6876 or email loyalty@cartercasino.com.